Torrent Gas

PNG for Residential Purpose

Piped Natural Gas (PNG) is the preferred fuel these days primarily because of the manifold benefits of natural gas. Some benefits of PNG are:

  • Convenient - No advance booking, No advance payment*, Use and then Pay - On for the quantity consumed.
  • Cleaner, Greener & Environment Friendly
  • Economical - Cheaper than conventional fuels & no compromise on residual quantity.
  • Reliable - Available 24x7x365 days. No tension of running out Gas as is the case in conventional fuel like LPG cylinders.
  • Safe - lighter than air, hence disperses immediately preventing any chance of fire.
  • Space Saving - No Storage space required as is the case in LPG cylinders.
  • NIL pilferage - You are charged only for the quantity of PNG used with no possibility of any pilferage as the billing is done only as per the meter which is installed within your home.

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