Torrent Gas



Download Registration form from website at Domestic Application & Enquiry Form or obtain it from our Moradabad Office. Submit the duly filled form to our office. For Industrial or Commercial Connection, please download enquiry form at Commercial and Industrial Application Form . Submit the filled form online, or contact at or 1800 123 567890.

Documents Required with the Domestic Gas Connection Application Form:

Any of the Following Documents: Passport
  • Driving License
  • Ration Card
  • Voter ID Card
  • PAN Card

  • And, Any of the Following Documents as proof of your ownership : Latest Electricity Bill
  • Latest BSNL Telephone Bill
  • Latest Water Bill
  • Ration Card
  • Society Certificate
  • Rent Agreement
  • Piped Natural Gas is:

    Convenient - Available 'on Tap', No booking for refills and waiting for delivery man, No Pilferage.
    Consistent - Available through underground pipeline, No Transportation bottleneck/ hurdles.
    Economical - Efficient Fuel, Lower equipment maintenance and down time, billing based on actual meter reading (meter is installed at customer premise), No Pilferage.
    Safe- System is designed for safe operation and there is almost no chance of leakage. However PNG is lighter than air hence mixes with atmospheric air and disperses quickly, the combustible mixture of Natural Gas and air does not ignite, if the Natural Gas composition in Air fuel mixture is not within 5 to 15%.
    Environment Friendly - Low Pollution on burning.

    Natural Gas can be used for

  • As Feedstock for Fertilizer, Methanol etc.
  • As Fuel
  • Furnace
  • Cooking for Cooking Gas Stoves
  • Power Generation

  • Fuel Gas Utilization for :

  • Air Conditioning
  • Boiler, Steam Generation, Hot water generation, Geysers
  • Space Heating

    Yes. However, we need to convert an existing LPG appliance to run on PNG. This will be done by trained technicians of the gas company or gas equipment supplier.


    The LPG connection may be surrendered to the respective oil company and customer will get back his security deposit amount from LPG supplier.


    Ideally, any Vehicle running on Petrol can be converted to CNG to run on dual fuel mode by installing CNG conversion kit. Now, several automobile manufacturing companies have launched CNG version of buses, passenger vehicles, three wheelers and loaders in Indian market.


    CNG is a natural fit for petrol engines and is not suitable for a diesel engine.


  • CNG is Environment Friendly - CNG vehicles produce little emission.
  • CNG vehicle gives greater mileage over Petrol or Auto LPG.
  • CNG has a high Octane rating giving efficiency advantage.
  • CNG Engine/ Kit has a low maintenance cost, Intervals between tune-ups are extended, Natural Gas does not react to metals, hence pipes and mufflers last longer.
  • CNG is the safest vehicular fuel amongst all other available options.
  • CNG conversion kit has the following key components:

    Cylinder - The Cylinder is used to store CNG at a pressure of 200-250 Bar to accommodate more volume of gas.
    CNG level indicator - The selector cum indicator switch on the dashboard, enables the driver to choose either the CNG mode or the petrol mode of operation.
    High Pressure Pipe - It connects the re-fueling valve to the CNG cylinder and pressure regulator.
    Re-fuelling Valve - This is used to refuel the CNG cylinder.
    Pressure Regulator - The pressure of CNG stored in the cylinder is reduced from 200 bar to 21 mbar by this unit.
    Gas - Air Mixer - This ensures precise supply of gas & air into the engine.
    Petrol Solenoid Valve - It is used to cut off petrol supply to the engine when the vehicle is running on CNG.
    The Vapor Box - This is used to cut off petrol supply to the engine when it is using CNG.
    Lambda Control System - Lambda control system is an automatically regulated electronic control system which can control car gas (CNG) supply if the car is equipped with Lambda sensor and catalytic converter.

    The per unit running cost of a vehicle, using CNG is much lower than that of a vehicle on Auto LPG. Moreover, the mileage of a CNG vehicle can be up to 35% higher as compared to a vehicle running on Auto LPG

    Sometimes auto LPG may be hazardous. As a substitute of auto LPG, some consumer might be tempted to use domestic LPG cylinder, which is much cheaper and much more easily available than auto LPG. The use of domestic LPG cylinder in vehicles is not only illegal. It is not designed to sustain the pressure for use in Vehicle. Any such alternative option is not possible in case of CNG and hence it is extremely safe.
    CNG, therefore, is a better fuel in terms of running cost and safety. It has a better availability as well.


    • Do not excavate the soil above the pipeline laid underground near / within your building premises.
    • Cooking appliances should be installed or placed in well-ventilated areas.
    • Do not keep your existing LPG cylinder near the PNG installation.
    • Before igniting the gas stove, ensure that there is no gas smell.
    • Ensure that the rubber tube is in good condition and it is fixed properly with gas stove and appliance valve (located before gas stove).
    • No tampering should be done with the mechanism installed, for whatsoever reasons. In case the consumer desires any changes in the installations, TorrentGas's office should be contacted.
    • The appliance valve is advisable to switched off at night or while not in use.
    • The appliance, under no circumstances should be used on LPG after converting it to PNG without reconverting it to LPG by a trained technician.
    • If you are away from your residence for a long duration, we advise you to kindly inform us, for temporary disconnection of the natural gas connection for safety purpose.
    • In case of a leak - Immediately Contact +91-7830707087 (Available 24 Hours) of TorrentGas.
    • Do not light any match / fire near the gas installation especially near the point of leakage.
    • Do not switch ON or OFF any electricity switch or electrical appliance.
    • Turn OFF gas valve near the gas appliance and the isolation valve installed near the Meter.
    • Open all doors and windows immediately, if the leakage is in the closed premise.


    • Approach road from gate to metering equipment should be free from any temporary / fixed obstacles.
    • The area near metering equipment (approx. 3 mtrs.) should be free from any chemical or material storage, electrical appliances/motor, electrical cable joints etc.
    • At least one Dry Chemical Powder (DCP) type Fire Extinguisher of 10 Kg capacity should be maintained near MRS. Additional fire extinguishers should also be provided at the locations where gas is used e.g. boilers, burners, heaters, equipments etc.
    • Proper earthing to the Metering equipment should be maintained.
    • For any alteration / modification in the meter or pipeline installation or internal gas pipeline kindly inform TorrentGas control room.
    • In case of a leak -Immediately Contact +91-7830707087 (Available 24 Hours) of TorrentGas.
    • Do not light any match / fire near the gas installation especially near the point of leakage.
    • Do not switch ON or OFF any electricity switch or electrical appliance.
    • Turn OFF gas valve near the gas appliance and the isolation valve installed near the Meter.
    • Open all doors and windows immediately, if the leakage is in the closed premise.
    • Isolate the area where leakage has been suspected or detected.


    • Always use approved CNG kit and cylinder. It is dangerous and illegal to use unauthorized / substandard cylinder and fittings.
    • Ensure that the workshop installing / servicing the CNG kit is authorized and observes Safety Standards and Codes of Practices in kit installation, commissioning and servicing.
    • The kit, including the cylinder must be "type approved" for the make of the car.
    • Make sure that the installer's certificate is collected from the workshop.
    • CNG cylinder should be authorized or approved by the CCOE.
    • Do not buy components from different sources and install the kit yourself.
    • Do not install LPG, Propane or any other cylinder in place of a CNG cylinder. It is hazardous and unlawful.
    • Kindly inform your car insurance company about the fitment of CNG kit so as to cover the same under your car's existing insurance policy.
    • Always refer to the CNG kit supplier's manual for operating instructions and do not do trouble shooting yourself other than that recommended by the manufacturer.
    • Be aware of the location and operation of cylinder valve, master shut off valve and burst disc in the CNG system, Ask your mechanic to identify these parts for you. It would be helpful for emergency handling of any leak.
    • Any modification or improvisation should only be done at an authorized workshop.
    • In case of an accident, get the vehicle thoroughly checked by an authorized workshop and obtain re-certification.
    • Ensure that the car undergoes the required pre-conversion checks thoroughly. After the connections are made, ensure a complete and thorough leak test of the installation.
    • Kindly get your vehicle endorsed (in the RC Book of the vehicle) by Regional Transport Office (RTO) for running on CNG / bi-fuel mode. This is statutory requirement. This service is generally provided by the kit fitment centers / workshops.
    • CNG Cylinder should be hydrotested every 3 years.
    • Metallic Compliance Plate showing cylinder details should be mandatorily fixed on vehicle body.